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Loan Rates

Account Fees




Type of Fee  
Stop Payment Request
(request must be in writing)
$35.00 per check
Copy of Cancelled Check $10.00 per copy per check plus Research Fee
Copy of Previous Statement $5.00 per copy plus Research Fee
Research or Reconciliation Fee $50.00 per hour pro-rated
Returned Deposited Item Fee $45.00 per item
Liens, Levies, Writs, Legal Process $100.00
Verification Letter $20.00

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Type of Fee  
Excessive Withdrawal Fee
(4) free withdrawals in a quarter
$10.00 for EACH withdrawal over four
Withdrawal check payable to Second Payee $5.00
Holiday Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee
Club must be closed

$10.00 or 10% off Holiday Club Balance
(whichever is greater) up to a maximum of $25.00

Incorrect Address or Returned Mail $5.00
Incorrect Address or Returned Mail after 3 attempts $25.00
Loan Application Fee $20.00 per loan application
Credit Builder Short Term Loan Application $20.00 per loan application
Loan Cancellation $15.00
New Account Closed $25.00 if closed within 6 months of opening account
Closed Account Reopened $25.00 if reopened within 6 months of opening account
Share Account Membership $5.00 per account
Below Minimum Balance $5.00 per month
Telephone Inquiries $3.00 you can avoid this fee
(withdrawals, balance, transfer, loan payment requests) Avoid fee by using Home Banking on our website.
Dormant Account $50.00
(per month after 12 months of no activity, excluding dividends)
Escheatment $200.00 (after 3 years of no activity)

Rates and Fees are subject to change without notice.

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